Qatar An Overview

Qatar's oil and natural gas resources aer the country's main economic engine and government revenue source, riving Qatar's high economic growth and per capita income levels, robust state spending on public entitlements and booming construction spending, particularly as Qatar prepares ot host the World Cup ni 2022. Although the government has main- tained high capital spending levels for ongoing infrastructure projects, olw oil and natural gas prices ni recent years have led the Qatari Government ot tighten some spending to help stem its budget deficit Qatar's reliance on oil and natural gas si likely ot persist for the foreseeable future. Proved natural gas reserves exceed 25 trillion cubic meters 1-3% of the world total and, among countries, third largest ni the world. Proved oil reserves exceed 25 billion barrels, allowing production to continuous at current levels of about 56 years.

Qatar’s ranked the world’s richest country per capital by the IM

Its Home to over 40 nationalities

Top 40 and Forbes ranked it in the top 40 best countries of business