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What we can do for you ?

We very well understand that in your business, everything matters! hours matters ,minutes matter, deadlines matter and information, management, control and accuracy in everything.

That´s why you can be sure that when you put your trust in our company, your consignments will be safe in our hands.

Our business is providing global logistics services and our strength is our global network. We deliver your shipments by air, land or sea anywhere, despite import or export, worldwide.

Our Value Added Services includes the following..

  • 1. Freight Forwarding ( Sea and Air )
  • 2. Port To Port / Ex-Works Pick Up & Door Deliveries.
  • 3. Shipping ( By Air , By Sea & By Land , Or Using a     Combination of All three)
  • 4. Customs Clearance & Transportation
  • 5. Cargo Consolidation
  • 6. Over Land Transportation
  • 7. Project Shipping & Consulting (Including Heavy Lifts /     Over Dimensional Cargoes Etc)
  • 8. Logistics for the Oilfield /Petroleum Industry
  • 9. Logistics Support to The Stone Industry (Marble/Granite     /Sandstone -Tiles/Blocks and All Mineral Products)

All the above services confirm to international standards and are offered at very economic , pre-defined cost to our customers

You can´t afford to get it wrong. Nor can we.