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Ever Brite Aviation is a leading Air Cargo General Sales Agent (GSA) based in Qatar. Established in 2020, our
company was founded with the aim to cater specifically to the needs of airline cargo departments. With our
dedicated team of professionals and extensive industry experience, we provide comprehensive cargo sales
and marketing services to airlines operating in and out of Qatar.

Leading Air Cargo

We serve as the intermediary between airlines and the cargo market,
promoting and selling cargo space on behalf of our partner airlines. Our expert sales team is equipped with
in-depth knowledge of the local market and has established strong relationships with key industry players,
enabling us to effectively market and sell cargo capacity.
For marketing we assist airline partners in marketing evaluations and proposals, branding and customer
events. EBA along with their representatives in other countries provides local and international market
surveys, customer management (CRM) and direct mailing services

We work closely with our partner airlines to develop and expand their cargo
network in Qatar and beyond. By identifying new business opportunities, analyzing market trends, and
conducting market research, we help airlines optimize their cargo operations and achieve sustainable

At Ever Brite Aviation, we prioritize building strong and lasting
relationships with our customers. We provide personalized service, promptly responding to inquiries,
offering competitive pricing, and ensuring efficient cargo handling processes. Our goal is to exceed
customer expectations and contribute to their overall success.

We assist airlines in ensuring compliance with all necessary
documentation and regulations. Our team is well-versed in international cargo procedures, customs
regulations, and industry standards, ensuring smooth and hassle-free operations for our partner airlines.

We utilize advanced technology systems to track and monitor cargo
shipments throughout the transportation process. Our comprehensive reporting capabilities provide real time updates on cargo movement, ensuring transparency and enabling airlines to make informed

: EBA provides a dedicated customer service and reservations team that can manage data
entry and messaging to flight load planning services with ease.

EBA accounting team manages the provision of bank guarantees, billing and collection
services, operation of customized billing and payment systems IATA CASS, CSR etc. EBA has timely
remittance of monies due and maintains a reputation of quick reply to any customer enquiries related to

Division of the Al-Jaber Group

Ever Brite Aviation is a division of the Al-Jaber Group which is a long-established trading company founded in 1976
by Late Mr. Sultan Mohammed J. S. Al Jaber, from one of the highly respected Al-Jaber family.
Al-Jaber Group is a conglomerate formed by the collaboration of over 70 well-established companies and global
operations in various sectors like aviation, shipping, travels and tours, freight forwarding, engineering, construction,
trading, manufacturing, plant machinery and vehicles, security systems, polyclinics, hotels, food supply chain, and
manpower supply. Al-Jaber addresses critical needs for customers in key sectors like Infrastructure, Power, and
Process Industries. Al-Jaber Group has solid foundations with a highly motivated team, fully functional infrastructure, and the latest equipment to fulfill the simplest as well as the most complex undertakings.

Based on trust, reliability, and efficiency

In conclusion, Ever Brite Aviation is a reputable Air Cargo General Sales Agent in Qatar, dedicated to providing
comprehensive cargo sales and marketing services to airlines. With our expertise, strong network, commitment to
excellence, and focus on technology, we are well-positioned to assist airlines in optimizing their cargo operations
and achieving success in the competitive air cargo industry.